July 3th, 2017 - Trieste, Italy

Chair: Grazia Fattoruso (ENEA Italy)


Time Authors Title
15:50 Sonia Giovinazzi, Maurizio Pollino, Indranil Kongar, Tiziana Rossetto, Emanuela Caiaffa and Antonio Di Pietro Towards a decision support tool for assessing, managing and mitigating seismic risk of electric power networks
16:10 Vatsal Bhatt, Arianna Brutti, Martin Burns and Angelo Frascella An approach to provide shared architectural principles for interoperable Smart Cities
16:30 Grazia Fattoruso, Annalisa Agresta, Saverio De Vito, Antonio Buonanno, Mario Molinara and Claudio Marocco Online Anomaly Detection on Rain Gauge Networks for Robust Alerting Services to Citizens at Risk from Flooding
16:50 Elena Esposito, Saverio De Vito, Maria Salvato, Grazia Fattoruso and Girolamo Di Francia Computational Intelligence for smart air quality monitor calibration
17:10 Mirka Mobilia and Antonia Longobardi Smart stormwater management in urban areas by roofs greening


Workshop Description

Smart cities architectures are becoming increasingly complex, requiring the interaction of several macro-components layers. At the same time, the geolocated information, captured by the pervasive sensing, and processing layers become increasingly complex, needing intelligent processing to unleash the full potential.
In this framework, several experiences and applications are emerging: they span from the Smart Grid platforms (water distribution, electric and telco networks, etc.), to the platforms for the urban governance or for supporting citizen-centric participatory processes.
Interoperability and intelligent processing systems may help to develop new integrated platforms (geospatial-based) capable of new performance horizons.

Topics of the Workshop

  • Pervasive sensing
  • Dynamic sensor networks
  • Data assimilation and geomodeling
  • Interoperable Smart Grid Platforms
  • Interoperable Urban Platforms
  • Citizen-centric Participatory Platforms


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